Designing, then creating a unique piece of jewelry is fun and challenging for us. We hope to bring that sense of enjoyment and adventure to you. 

Custom Design Monitor

Here is the process:

Phase I: Design Consultation
Here we get an idea of what you would like. It's fun, it's relaxed, it's sitting down and talking about you and jewelry!

Phase II: Jewelry Designer’s Sketch
After the initial consultation, we can begin putting together those ideas on paper. Once we feel we understand your needs, we'll draw your jewelry and show you a "photo realistic" picture of it for your initial approval.
Imagine seeing a picture of a ring that you've imagined, but has yet to be made.

Jewelry Doctor Custom Made Ring

Phase III: Model Creation & Approval
We "print" the model of your ring in our 3d printer. Here you really get an opportunity to see and feel how it fits and looks on you.

Phase IV: Casting & Finishing
This is where we incorporate state of the art technology with traditional, old world craftsmanship to create your jewelry. Spruing, investing, burn out, casting, breakout, finishing, setting.... This is where we realize the creative process. 

If you have any questions or want to set up an appointment, please contact us.

For further insight into this process, please view the below video